Download our app now and find out what everyone’s talking about!


Have you heard you can now beat the queue at Small’s Bar AND earn loyalty rewards at the same time?

Download the Small’s Bar app today so that you can enjoy the Small’s dining experience even more!

To use the app, simply download it onto your Apple or Android device and follow the simple steps.

Earn 1 bonus point for every $1 spent! Once you get to 100 points you can cash it in for $10 credit!


Why does Small’s Bar have an app?

Why not? We know that some customers like to just chill at a table and decide to get more food and drinks when they feel like it without having to worry about how and when to pay. What better way to beat the queue AND earn loyalty rewards at the same time?

The app is a seamless experience and a unique way to dine in the south-west region.

How do I get the app?

To use the app, simply download it onto your Apple or Android device and follow these steps:

1.     Open up the app and create an account OR sign up with Facebook

2.     Click ‘payment’ on the left and enter your payment details (you’ll only have to do this once)

3.     Press the ‘Order Now’ at the bottom of the screen and type in your table number

3.     Browse through our user friendly menu and pick out the food and drinks you want

4.     Submit your order (payment is processed at this point)

5.     Our staff will bring your order out to you!

What rewards to I earn and how much are they worth?

Earn 1 bonus point for every $1 spent! Once you get to 100 points you can cash it in for $10 credit! That’s effectively10% off on app purchases!

Does it cost any more to order off the Small’s Bar App?

Nope. All prices are the same as on our menu, but you get the added benefit of loyalty rewards.

I have been given a coupon code to use but the discount isn’t showing at checkout?

Your discount won’t show on checkout but it will be deducted from the amount once you check out. You will immediately get a receipt emailed to you that shows the credited amount from the total bill.

Can I get a receipt for what I’ve purchased?

Yes. And you don’t even have to ask for one! It automatically gets sent to the email address linked with your account.

I have special dietary requirements, can I still order through the app?

You bet you can! Just add a note on the dish you have ordered clearly outlining your requirements. Given the circumstances, we always recommend playing it safe and confirming with our team member that the dish has been catered to your dietary requirements.

Can I link multiple credit cards to my Small’s Bar app?

Of course! Just hit the menu button at the top left, then ‘Payment’, where you can then add more credit or debit cards to your list and select the default card.

Can I split bills on the app?

Nope, but then again, why do you need to? You can buy your food and drinks and others can buy theirs…unless you’re feeling generous that is!

Is there any other way I can pay over the app?

The app accepts credit and debit cards only and payment is processed as soon as you place the order. If you have any credit this will automatically be deducted off the total that you pay.

Are there any items that aren’t available to purchase through the app?

Not only do we have all of our regular items on the app, we also have heaps of specials that you can purchase through the app that you can’t order off the regular menu.

Do I get charged any additional credit or debit card fees by using the app?

Absolutely not! Just like when ordering through one of our team members using your card, we don’t pass on any credit or debit surcharges to you.