Getting to know our suppliers

Last week Small's bar staff got a chance to get out and visit two of our local suppliers.

First stop: Capel Vale Winery. Here we got an in depth tour of the vineyard and winery and learned the process that goes in to making our favourite chardonnay! We discussed the different (and unusual) ingredients that go in to Capel Vale wines to give them their unique taste and body which is so widely loved in Australia.

Secondly we stopped in for lunch at Brewhouse Margaret River (highly recommended). Here, head brewer and part owner Andrew showed us around the brewery, showing us the brewing process and tasting their malts and barleys. We got a taste for how hands on brewing beer is and got to see the behind the scenes efforts that go in to making our house favourite the 'Kuttback Kolsch'.

From this experience, Small's staff gained knowledge of how our products are made and how we can work with our suppliers as a community to serve premium products to the public.

For any further information about our products, just ask one of our staff members!



Tessa Eckersley